From Infomercial to Online marketing
From domestic market to the oversea market

Even if your product is in the Red Ocean, GERIT is not afraid.
With the planning ability to plan for differences, the experience of multiple product launches, and skill of marketing will make your products shine.

Perfect feedback to infomercial genuine verification

Various clinical and evidence guides

Demonstration video production

Broadcast VMD/POP Production

Securing high-efficiency broadcasting time


Launching Infomercial, which is not easy, but GERIT will make it easy for you

Successful launch at infomercial is not an easy task, so the support of a vendor with expertise in product planning, distribution and marketing is essential.

In the pre-launch planning stage such as product planning, product composition, and price setting, GERIT builds a seamless marketing and synergy structure from pre-marketing to increase broadcasting efficiency, post-broadcasting to increase online sales after broadcasting, and oversea promotion which drives sales growth across offline distribution.


Advance online marketing to achieve 100% broadcasting efficiency

If you do not achieve 100% of your target sales, you will miss out on the next broadcast opportunity.
In order to achieve the pre-sales target before the broadcast and the sales target on the day of the broadcast, GERIT’s online marketing experts were put in to conduct pre-marketing three months before the broadcast.


Strengthening product story through oversea promotion

Products with insufficient product awareness have difficulty in convincing infomercial managers.
In addition to conducting online pre-marketing to solve these problems, GERIT enhances the effort of domestic vital marketing and enriches appeal points during broadcasting through collaboration with oversea YouTubers and Instagram celebrities, and exposure of oversea famous magazine articles to further increase infomercial sales.