GERIT’s consulting for Infomercial success is different from the start

Even if your product is in the. Red Ocean, GERIT is not afraid.
Your planning ability to plan for differences, experience in launching infomercial, and. Skill in marketing will make your products shine the most despite fierce competition


Planning|Consulting throughout the launching process

Marketing experts, product planning experts, and purchasing experts consult and manage 29 tasks from planning to launching.


market direction

01. Marketing Planning

# Market Research
# Positioning
# Product Analysis
# Third Party SWOT Analysis
# Brain Search
# Product Development


creative design

02. Design Work

# Color Analysis
# Subsidiary Material Review
# Idea Sketch
# Design Draft Work
# Product Design
# Design Work
# Production Supervision


display stand

03. PR Strategy Planning

# PR Strategy Analysis
# Promotion Direction Setting
# Detailed Design Work


manufacture plan

04. Production Planning

# Final Design Sampling
# Order Confirmation
# Subcontractor Request
# Production Supervision
# Delivery Supervision
# OEM Production Management
# QC Management


distribute product

05. Product Distribution

# Infomercial Manager Coordination
# Contact Broadcast
# Online Sales Channel Manager Communication
# Broadcasting Operation
# Inserts Accordance to Distribution


Infomercial Sales|Product Planning

GERIT guarantees 100% success in infomercial launch

Quickly identify the needs of infomercial manager and reflect it from the product planning stage

GERIT actively reflects the opinions of the managers in charge from the stage of product rebranding through close communication with managers of major domestic infomercial companies such as GS Home Shopping.
The probability of product selection is 100% due to the practical participation of the manager in charge who knows the product selection criteria of each infomercial company.


DP that captivates the screen POP planning and production that makes the orders

In order to help audiences, understand during the broadcast, various panels and POP advertisements held and explained by the show host directly should move the audience’s heart with just a few lines or a few words. Professional experience is the vital key to illuminates the light.

GERIT is a strategic partner with GS Home Shopping, and about 20 infomercial DP specialists and coordinators are performing DP and POP productions for all GS Home Shopping broadcasts.


Content creation to maximize broadcasting efficiency

It is essential to achieve 100% of the sales target for demonstration video, studio DP, and hand panel broadcasting that create orders.

GERIT has been successfully launching several products on infomercial since its establishment in 2011.
The accumulated demonstration video, planning experience and know-how in directing live broadcast demonstrations by launching multiple products every year will always create new success.


Establishment of a virtuous cycle of marketing for growth of broadcasting sales and online sales

The success of infomercial does not necessarily guarantee online sales growth.
Short-term marketing that does not thoroughly calculate from product recognition to purchase conversion, repurchase, and inducement can achieve continuous growth of brand and sales.

GERIT analyzes the online life patterns of target customers and doubles the effect of raising awareness through broadcasting and online content with advertisement placement and communication strategies that fit the customer’s online lifestyle.


Product promotion through SNS via celebrities

Marketing network with famous celebrities, influencers, and show hosts

GERIT has launched several beauty products on infomercial since its establishment in 2011.
Through the network with famous celebrities built in this process, it is possible to quickly expand awareness.